Water Table Envy

Water Table Envy

The Large Back Garden, Wet in Spring

Around this time of year I have what I’ve come to call water table envy.  What that means is that while everyone else is watching their gardens dry up day after day I’m watching mine grow algae.

Right now the big back garden (25,500 sq.ft) is totally saturated, the little back garden (20,400 sq.ft) is almost totally saturated and the front garden (12,650 sq.ft) is wet but getting close to workable.

The wet is a side-effect of how close we are to the marshes.  The Big Marsh, as its known locally, is to the south and south-east of the farm but a small piece of it loops around to the west and cuts a path through the middle of the property – I call this the Little Marsh.

The silver lining to all this wet, of course, is that we have deeper than deep soil that goes on forever and is full of nutrients deposited by the runoff of the hundreds of acres the marsh’s watershed, and as we get into the heat of the summer when the rain seems to leave us to never return my gardens stay moist and productive.

That doesn’t help the itch in my brain that sees other gardens being worked and wants to do the same.

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