Maplemarsh Farm

Growth Principles

Squash blossomsWhile Maplemarsh isn’t certified organic we grow with those principles in mind.  All “inputs” – what they call the sprays, fertilizers and other things you add or bring in to a garden – are cross-checked against Ontario’s list of what is acceptable for organic growing.  In many cases we even exceed these principles, as in 2014 when we opted to completely forego any spraying in an attempt to see how strictly mechanical pest management would work; turns out, not very well.  But with experience comes expertise, 2015 will include new and better strategies, and 2016, one presumes, will be even better.

Growing greens and beetsBut the bottom line, and no doubt the reason you clicked on this page, is to find out what we used on the food you bought from us.

For the 2014 season the answer is plain and simple: nothing more than water and sunlight.