Love the Rain, Not the Wet

Love the Rain, Not the Wet

IMG-20150609-00447We needed rain and now we’re getting it.  We’ve had more than an inch of rain in the past few days and the plants (and weeds) are loving it.

The farmer has decidedly mixed feelings.

Oh, I love the rain.  It certainly helps the plants grow, and it keeps the ground cool.  I have been succession planting – to keep a continuous crop of certain vegetables – and the rain is great to ensure good germination rates for those seeds.  It can be tough to succession plant once the ground starts to dry and get hot.

But we live in a low-lying area here at Maplemarsh Farm.  Much of the surrounding farmland drains through ours.  In particular, a huge stretch of farmland to the north and the northeast drain exclusively – and directly – through th e area where my largest garden is situated.

IMG-20150609-00448This is that garden’s first year, so I’m still learning what remedy will be required to effectively move the water around the gardens rather than through them.  At this point, however, through is the path the water takes.  I was waiting for the ground to dry up (and time to free up) before I undertook the process of ditching around the garden so as to divert the bulk of the water.  That hadn’t happened yet.

I was out in the big garden planting a second patch of beans yesterday and I was in the muck half way to my knees.

The good news is what that says about the depth of soil in that area, the bad news is that I really liked those running shoes.

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